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GEIB RED ANGUS 6th Annual Private Treaty Reg. Red Angus Bull Sale


Bull season is here. Geib Red Angus has 23 bulls for sale. They are all 50K tested. Our four sons, Steven and Abigail at S/A Red Angus, David at Big Sky Red Angus, Tim and Esther Ruth at TG Red Angus and Michael at Great Prairie Red Angus also have bulls for sale. These bulls are being raised with our bulls. Some of our sons bulls have been 50K tested. All bulls have been parentage tested/ verified. There are 39 bulls available for your consideration.

We hand feed them twice a day with a multi-mix pelleted feed, formulated by a nutritionist , along with free choice grass/alfalfa hay. We top dress one feeding with VitaFerm Concept Aid Mineral. They also have free choice Redmond salt. We do not push them hard, but shoot for 2.5 to 3 lbs. gain per day. This combination raises a fertile bull which will be sound with strong libido, ready to go to work for you. We will have them fertility tested by the end of April, and deliver them right after. You can come pick bulls any time before that, or we can send pictures for you to choose from. The EPD’s as of Jan. 9, 2019 are on our web page under “cattle for sale”, they change weekly under the new Bolt program.

Take a look and contact us with any questions. . Thanks for all your support in previous years and we’re looking forward to working with you again this year. Thanks, Dave & Linda Geib, Dave’s cell:406-480-1148 Linda’s cell:406-480-3729 Email: [email protected], Address: 305 Longfellow Rd., Dagmar, Montana, 59219

This is one of our herd sires, Julian B530
Reg. 1680461

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Welcome to Geib Red Angus, we are a family run ranch located in beautiful northeast Montana. We strive to breed moderate framed, easy fleshing, functional females that are phenotypically correct. We believe these qualities will be evident in their progeny.

Our cattle need to be hardy since they thrive in a harsh climate where winter temperatures are often sub-zero with strong winds and summers can be hot and dry. They should do well in any location.

Proverbs 3:6 says, “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths”. Our first priority is living for Jesus, becoming more intimate with Him daily and acknowledging Him in all that we do and say, letting Him direct the paths of our life. That direction has led us to where we are today. We Praise Him.

The Geib’s

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